(a)   Application for an amusement device permit shall be made to the Chief of Police or his authorized representative on forms to be prescribed by him, and shall state the name and address of the applicant, if an individual, or if a partnership, association, or other entity, the names, residences and occupations of each member of the partnership, association or other entity, and if a corporation, the name of its officers and such other information as the Chief of Police may require.  In addition, a floor plan shall be provided in a form and detail satisfactory to the Commissioner of Building, showing the proposed placement of amusement devices on the applicant's premises in conformance with the criteria governing their placement and operation.
   (b)   The Chief of Police shall transmit the permit application and the floor plan to the Commissioner of Building and Chief of Fire, for further inspection and investigation of the applicant's fitness to obtain an amusement device permit.
   (c)   "Fitness" of the applicant shall consist of the compliance by applicant with all laws of the City of Shaker Heights and State of Ohio pertaining to the operation of applicant's business.
(Ord. 81-111.  Enacted 2-22-82; Ord. 13-114.  Enacted 12-16-13.)