(A)   Fees for Fire Department reports; authority.
      (1)   The city Fire Department shall be granted authority to charge a fee for any report prepared by the Department. The fee shall be paid by any person requesting that report.
      (2)   The fees for each Fire Department report shall be as set forth in Ch. 36 of this code.
(1987 Code, § 4-60)
   (B)   Deposits and disbursements.
      (1)   The fees generated by this section shall be deposited in the Cumulative Fire Department Building, Equipment, and Firefighting Fund.
      (2)   All disbursements from the Cumulative Fire Department Building, Equipment, and Fire-fighting Fund shall be for the purposes stated in § 35.45 of this code.
      (3)   The disbursements from the account shall be made on the order of the Board of Public Works and Safety and paid by the Clerk-Treasurer upon presentation of proper claims, approved as all other claims of that Board are approved.
(1987 Code, § 4-61)
(Ord. 31, 1988, passed 12-12-1988)