(A)   A court acting under § 153.55 of this code may impose a civil forfeiture not to exceed $1,000 against any person if the conditions of § 153.56 are met. The forfeiture imposed may not be substantially less than the cost of complying with the order, unless that cost exceeds $1,000. The effective date of the forfeiture may be postponed for a period not to exceed 30 days, after which the court may order the forfeiture reduced or stricken if it is satisfied that all work necessary to fully comply with the order has been done.
   (B)   On request of the enforcement authority the court shall enter a judgment in the amount of the forfeiture. If there is more than one party defendant, the forfeiture is separately applicable to each defendant. The amount of a forfeiture that is collected shall be deposited in the Unsafe Building Fund.
(1987 Code, § 7-76) (Ord. 28, 1988, passed 11-14-1988)