A.   Temporary Service, Fees: When a temporary service is desired by contractors and builders for water to be used on construction work, they shall make application to the Superintendent of the Water and Sewer Department for such temporary service and deposit with the Water and Sewer Department the sum of fifty dollars ($50.00) for a swing meter to be used on such services.
   B.   Charges And Rates: The charges for such water service shall be at the same rate as other services, including minimum monthly charges 1 . No one shall use water that is not measured by a meter furnished by the Department.
   C.   Swing Meters: All swing meters shall be returned to the meter room of the Department office at the end of each construction or building job for reading and tests. A penalty of ten dollars ($10.00) per month shall be charged for swing meters that are not returned as specified herein. (Ord. 85-05, 6-5-1984)
   D.   Security Deposit For Water Shutoff:
      1.   All contractors who request water shutoff will be required to deposit a five hundred dollar ($500.00) security deposit.
      2.   The security deposit will be returned to the contractor upon proper completion of the work.
      3.   If the contractor fails to perform the work in the agreed upon time or fails to show up on the stated time, the five hundred dollar ($500.00) security deposit will be forfeited to the Village. (Ord. 96-20, 9-3-1996)



1. See Chapter 3 of this Title.