It shall be the Clerk's duty to prepare and issue a license under this Chapter for every person liable to pay a license hereunder, and to state in each license the amount thereof, the period of time covered thereby, the name of the person to whom issued, the business licensed, and the location or place where the business is to be carried on.
It shall further be the duty and responsibility of the clerk to see that all new businesses are licensed and that all changes in location and status are recorded.
No license granted or issued under any provisions of this Chapter shall be in any manner transferred or assigned or shall authorize any person other than is therein mentioned or named to do business without the approval of the Council in any classification set forth in Section 5-1-8 of this Chapter or by the Clerk in any other case. (Ord. 474, 11-15-54)
The Clerk shall make a charge of five dollars ($5.00) for each duplicate license issued to replace any license issued under the provisions of this Chapter which has been lost or destroyed. In no case shall any mistake made by the Clerk in stating the amount of the license prevent or prejudice the collection by the City of what shall be actually due from anyone carrying on a business subject to a license under this Chapter. (Ord. 891, 3-2-87, eff. 7-1-87)