(A)   Every person required to have a license under the provisions of this Chapter shall make application for the same to the Clerk, and upon payment of the prescribed fee, the Clerk shall issue to the person a license, unless the license falls within a classification set forth in subsection (C) below, in which event approval of the Council shall first be obtained.
   (B)   The application shall furnish all information required to enable the Clerk to properly classify the business of the applicant and determine the proper license to be paid by the applicant. Each applicant for a license must properly fill in the application, sign the same and certify, under penalties of perjury, that the contents thereof are true and correct; or sign and swear to the same before the Clerk, Deputy Clerk, or some other person authorized to administer oaths. The Clerk and his deputies and assistants are authorized to administer oaths in all matters pertaining to the duties of their respective offices. The completed applications must be submitted to the Clerk, who shall compute the proper amount of the license and on payment of the amount shall issue the appropriate license.
   (C)   No license shall be issued for any laundry, hotel, boarding house, lodging house, rooming house, restaurant, bakery, shooting gallery, billiard room, pool room, amusement parlor, garage, creamery, auctioneer, auction room, boxing contest, message or parcel service, carnival company, rope or wire dancer, merry-go- round, nor for any theatrical entertainment save carrying on and conducting a permanently established theater or motion picture show, except on the order of the Council, and whenever any person desires to open or carry on any business or do any thing specified in subsection (C) of this Section, the person shall petition the Council to order a license issued therefor. The petition shall be made through the Clerk and shall set forth the name of the applicant, the character of the business to be carried on or thing to be done, and the location of the premises where the business is to be conducted or thing done. The Council shall not order the license for any business in this Section specified, to issue at the meeting on which the petition therefor is presented to it nor within six (6) days thereafter. Where any business, in this Section specified, for any reason is or may become dangerous to or affect the public health, peace, safety or morals, or be or become dangerous to surrounding or adjacent property, the Council shall refuse to grant the license.
Should the Council at any time determine that the premises wherein any business prescribed in this Section is conducted are not in good sanitary condition or dangerous to adjacent property, or do injure or affect the public health, peace, safety or morals, it may also revoke any license theretofore issued, by written notice to the licensed person.