(A)   The purpose of this section is to establish discussion meetings and voting meetings as a meeting format for the regular monthly Quorum Court meetings. The focus of a discussion meeting is to provide reports and discuss pending projects and priorities without the involvement of voting for budget amendments based on budget changes, or voting on other matters in ordinance format.
   (B)   The focus of the meeting procedure revisions is to establish the opportunity to improve communication between Quorum Court members and county elected officials and to encourage public participation prior to voting on a matter by the Quorum Court.
   (C)   By alternating meetings on discussion and voting sessions the intent is to focus on discussion meetings at least quarterly while recognizing the need to act on budget matters in specified months.
   (D)   Some exceptions may have to be made in scheduled discussion meetings based upon deadlines that may arise for submittal of grants or matters that may be deemed emergencies that need to be attended to. Generally the need to vote to amend the budget is not an immediate or required matter on a monthly basis. Since the budget is adopted for an annual calendar year, in most cases budget amendments can wait.
   (E)   Briefing on proposed projects will help all concerned in addressing the business of the county. Additional time to discuss and consider project or program information will assist the Quorum Court and improve communications.
   (F)   Agendas will be prepared in accordance with § 30.03.
   (G)   The 2013 meeting plan is as follows:
      (1)   January - voting;
      (2)   February - voting;
      (3)   March - discussion;
      (4)   April - voting;
      (5)   May - discussion;
      (6)   June - voting;
      (7)   July - discussion;
      (8)   August - voting;
      (9)   September - discussion;
      (10)   October - discussion;
      (11)   November - voting; and
      (12)   December - voting.
(Res. 2013-1, passed 1-15-13)