(A)   Prior to obtaining a county building permit, the development of a new use, the moving of any structure, the restoration and structural improvement (other than normal repairs and minor improvements) of any existing use or structure, or the conversion from one use to any other use, a certificate of zoning compliance shall first be obtained from the Zoning Administrator.  For use permitted only by special use permit, see § 153.304.
   (B)   (1)   Contents of application.  Among the information to be supplied by the applicant and which shall constitute the application package, the following shall be included:
         (a)   Name and address of applicant or applicants;
         (b)   Location, shape, area, and dimension of the lot, and of the proposed structure or improvement (shown on a site plan);
         (c)   Description of proposed use and of the building (dwelling, structure, barn, garage, and the like) or improvement;
         (d)   The proposed number of sleeping rooms, dwelling units, occupants, employees, customers, and other users;
         (e)   The yard, open space, and parking space dimensions as shown on a site plan;
         (f)   A site plan, where required; and
         (g)   In the case where the current use is commercial or industrial, not publicly sewered, and the application is to change, convert, add, or expand the commercial or industrial use, a statement from the County Sanitarian must be submitted certifying that the present on-site septic disposal system is adequate to meet the needs of the changed, converted, added, or expanded use after development.
      (2)   Fee.  A fee as may be set by the City Commission and listed in the schedule of fees (see § 153.308) shall accompany any plans or applications in order to defray the cost of administration and inspection.
      (3)   General procedural steps.  Upon submission of an application, the Zoning Administrator:
         (a)   Reviews the application package:
            1.   To make sure that it is the proper application for the zoning action requested;
            2.   To see that all required information is submitted; and
            3.   To determine conformance with all zoning regulations, except those waived by variance from the Zoning Board of Appeals.
         (b)   Takes one or more of the following preliminary actions:
            1.   Requests from the applicant that any omitted or pertinent and necessary information now be submitted;
            2.   If necessary, requests the Board of Appeals to interpret an unclear chapter provision;
            3.   Where required, reviews site plan according to site plan review standards for approval as set forth in § 153.076;
            4.   If necessary, discusses the application and site plan with the Planning Commission for advisory comments; or
            5.   Makes a site inspection to verify accuracy of the application and to gather additional information.
      (4)   Issuance of certificate.  Upon satisfaction of the standards for site plan review/approval, and of any additional requirement or conditions that may be needed to meet those standards, the Zoning Administrator shall approve site plan and issue a certificate of zoning compliance.  One copy shall be returned to the owner or applicant.  A performance bond may be required by the city to ensure compliance with any imposed or proposed public improvements, requirements, specifications, and conditions.
      (5)   Denial of certificate.  If the application is denied by the Zoning Administrator the reason or cause for denial shall be stated in writing.
      (6)   Duration.  A certificate of zoning compliance shall be valid for one year.  A valid certificate is eligible for an additional six-month extension granted by the Zoning Administrator as a reasonable length of time within which to secure a county building permit or to institute the use.
      (7)   Inspection.  At least two site inspections by the Zoning Administrator must be held: one prior to issuance of a certificate of zoning compliance, and one prior to occupancy.  See § 153.303.
      (8)   Cancellation of permit.  See §§ 153.301(A)(7), and 153.312 and 153.999.
(1993 Code, § 154.217)  (Ord. 84-1, passed 1-3-1984)