(A)   The following site facility and design standards with respect to certain uses, herein specified, shall control a research and development facility, which is permitted by special use permit. 
   (B)   The Planning Commission shall require the following design standards.
      (1)   The parcel of property for the proposed use is at least five acres in size.
      (2)   The ratio of total floor space counting all floors of all buildings to land area shall not exceed 1:10, but total floor area shall not exceed 100,000 square feet and floor area in any one building shall not exceed 200,000 square feet; but these requirements shall not apply to existing buildings as of the time adoption of this chapter that are authorized for purposes allowed by this section, save the maximum limitation.
      (3)   All parking and loading docks shall be within enclosed building(s) or placed or screened with trees, shrubbery, or buildings so that cars or trucks parked there cannot be seen from any adjoining property or street.
      (4)   All activities shall be conducted within enclosed structures.
      (5)   Property must be maintained, sprayed, and traps placed so as to prevent any adverse effect upon surrounding property from any type of insect or disease.
      (6)   No noise, odor, gas, dust, vibration, glare, smoke, or other substance of any degree shall emanate beyond the property lines of the property upon which it is located.
      (7)   There will be no adverse effect upon property values to adjacent property.
      (8)   All new utilities shall be placed underground.
      (9)   On-site signs, see § 153.231.
      (10)   Once permission is granted as provided herein, the research and development facility cannot be changed or used in any manner than would be contrary to any conditions made as part of the special use permit approval, nor contrary to the approved site plan.
(1993 Code, § 154.150)  (Ord. 84-1, passed 1-3-1984)