§ 153.231  ALL ZONES.
   (A)   All signs shall be on private property.
   (B)   No sign shall be erected at any location where it may interfere with, obstruct the view of, or be confused with any authorized traffic sign, signal, or device.  No rotating beam, beacon, or flashing illumination shall be permitted.
   (C)   Illuminated signs shall be lighted in a manner so that no illumination source is directly visible beyond the property lines of the lot upon which the sign is located.
   (D)   A permit shall be required for the erection, construction, or alteration of any sign exceeding 16 square feet in area.
(1993 Code, § 154.181) 
   (E)   All signs advertising, relating to, or concerning a sexually oriented business (as defined in § 153.272) shall contain no photographs, silhouettes, drawings, or pictorial representation of any kind, and may contain only the name of the enterprise.
   (F)   Abandonment.
      (1)   When a business or use ceases on a parcel for a period of 30 days or more, the owner of the parcel shall remove any sign (including signs attached to or painted on a building on the parcel) that advertises, identifies or pertains to that business or use. The sign and any sign cabinet shall either be removed in its entirety, or the sign face shall be removed, painted a neutral color, or a blank sign face substituted.
      (2)   After such 30-day period, the city may give written notice to the owner of the parcel that a sign on the parcel is not in compliance with this section, and that the owner has ten days from the date of the notice to comply with this section. If the owner does not bring the parcel into compliance within the ten-day notice period, then the city may remove the sign, and any expense incidental thereto shall be a lien on the property and may be added to the tax roll in the same manner as special assessments.
      (3)   The above provision shall not apply to seasonal activities during the regular periods in which they are closed.
(Ord. 84-1, passed 1-3-1984; Ord. 02-07, passed 8-5-2002; Ord. 16-89, passed 7-18-2016)