No person shall use or permit the use of any mobile home as a permanent residence or any other use on any site, lot, field, or tract of land not specifically zoned R-4 Mobile Home Park, except as follows.
   (A)   Mobile homes may be placed in a licensed mobile home dealership for sale but not for occupancy.
   (B)   Mobile home structures may be used temporarily while constructing a permanent nonresidential structure for a period of one year.  Two extension periods of six months each are permitted upon application to the Zoning Administrator.
   (C)   A mobile home may be used outside of a mobile home park as a single-family dwelling within any residential zoning district, provided the following conditions are met:
      (1)   There shall be a minimum square feet of living area equal to that required for a site-built residence or dwelling in the zoning district in which it is placed;
      (2)   There shall be a minimum floor-to-ceiling height of seven and one-half feet;
      (3)   There shall be a minimum width throughout the entire length of the mobile home of 22 feet measured between the exterior part of the walls having the greatest length;
      (4)   There shall be a foundation around the entire exterior perimeter of the mobile home of concrete or block of a minimum depth of 42 inches below grade with a maximum height of 16 inches of exposed foundation and a minimum of eight inches of exposed foundation above grade of the same design as required by the Construction Code as adopted by the city in § 150.01 for single-family residences;
      (5)   There shall be a crawl space below the entire bottom of the mobile home of two feet with a vapor barrier;
      (6)   The mobile home shall be firmly attached to the foundation so as to be watertight in such a way that water will not enter;
      (7)   All wheels, towing mechanisms and tongues shall be removed and none of the undercarriage shall be visible from outside the mobile home;
      (8)   There shall be connected to the mobile home a well and septic system approved by the County Health Department, or public sewer and water if it is located within 500 feet of the site or lot;
      (9)   No storage of any personal property except legally operable vehicles shall occur outside the interior of the mobile home or a garage or other accessory building as may be allowed;
      (10)   There shall be permanently attached to the foundation steps and/or porch areas where an elevation differential exists between any door and surrounding grade;
      (11)   (a)   There shall be a minimum of a double pitched roof of not less than three feet of rise for each 12 feet of run and the roof shall be covered by either asphalt or shake shingles.
         (b)   If 20% of the residences, excluding mobile homes, within one-half mile have double pitched roofs of less than three feet of rise for each 12 feet of run, then the mobile home’s double pitched roof can be less than the specified in division (C)(11)(a) above but not less than the average of the 20%.
      (12)   There shall be exterior siding consisting of horizontal lap siding or other siding of the same materials and attached in the same manner as required under the Construction Code as adopted by the city;
      (13)   There shall be no addition to the living space of the mobile home unless it meets all the requirements hereof and is built according to the same standard as the mobile home or unless allowed as a special use by the Zoning Administrator.  All sections making up the mobile home shall be securely attached to each other;
      (14)   There shall be a minimum of two doors to provide means of ingress and egress from the mobile home;
      (15)   The mobile home shall be maintained against deterioration and/or damage from the elements or otherwise by prompt and appropriate, repairs, surface coating, and other protective measures;
      (16)   Plans, floor plan layouts, and certification of meeting HUD mobile home standards (of the mobile home and foundation) shall be presented, along with a site plan showing compliance herewith and with all other requirements of this chapter, including but not limited to the requirement of the district in which it is to be located, to the Zoning Administrator prior to the issuance of a building permit; and
      (17)   The mobile home must meet standards for mobile home construction as contained in the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Regulations and Title Mobile Home Construction and Safety Standards, effective June 15, 1976, as amended.
(1993 Code, § 154.033)  (Ord. 84-1, passed 1-3-1984)
   Additional mobile home regulations, see §§ 153.150 through 153.152