(A)   All mobile home parks shall comply with the requirements imposed by M.C.L.A. §§ 125.2301 et seq., except as those provisions are modified herein, together with any regulations promulgated by the State Mobile Home Commission.
   (B)   A ten-foot wide buffer zone shall be provided along all exterior boundaries of the mobile home park that abut another residential district or residential use.  The buffer shall be measured from the park property line inward.  The buffer shall be planted with evergreens and shrubs not less than four feet in height at the time of planting and which contain foliage throughout the calendar year sufficiently compact in nature to form a natural buffer or screening between the mobile homes and adjoining premises. In lieu of the foregoing, an artificial fence which cannot be seen through may be constructed not less than five feet in height along the perimeter of the buffer zone.  The fencing shall be commensurate with the character of the adjoining development, and shall be maintained at all times in a neat and attractive manner.  No fence or plantings are required where existing plantings equal the density as specified above.
   (C)   Drainage for surface water leaving the mobile home park shall be approved by the County Drain Commissioner.
   (D)   No mobile home shall be located nearer than 50 feet to any abutting residential zoning district, nor nearer than 50 feet to the edge of the right-of-way line of any dedicated public road or highway right-of-way.
   (E)   (1)   The mobile home park shall be developed with sites having 5,500 square feet per mobile home unit being served.  This 5,500 square feet may be reduced by 20%, provided that the individual site shall be equal to at least 4,400 square feet.  For each square foot of land gained through the reduction of the site below 5,500 square feet, at least an equal amount of additional land shall be dedicated as open space.  Not more than one mobile home shall be located on any individual mobile home site.  Each mobile home space shall be supplied with concrete piers to a minimum depth of 42 inches below grade, or a concrete slab in suitable soils, upon which the mobile home shall be parked.
      (2)   The mobile home site shall be landscaped with either natural or artificial improvements of a dust-free and attractive nature to prevent erosion.
   (F)   No mobile home nor any appurtenances connected thereto shall be located on a mobile home site closer than 20 feet to any adjoining mobile home or 50 feet from any permanent building, nor closer than ten feet to the front and rear line at each individual mobile home site.  No accessory building shall be closer than ten feet to a mobile home not located on the same individual mobile home site.
   (G)   All mobile home spaces shall abut an internal park road of not less than 24 feet in width as measured from back to back of curb, which shall be constructed of a bituminous concrete or concrete constructed according to A.A.S.H.T.O. standards, 1974 edition, and shall have unobstructed and safe access to a public street or highway.  Where sidewalks are provided paralleling the drive, the same shall be in addition to the foregoing driveway width.
   (H)   Not less than two paved parking spaces for automobiles ten feet by 20 feet each in size shall be provided within the mobile home park for every mobile home site located therein.
   (I)   All vehicular and pedestrian circulation systems within a mobile home park shall be illuminated as follows:
      (1)   Access points to public thoroughfares shall be lighted.  If the public thoroughfare is lighted, the illuminated level shall not exceed the average illumination level of an adjacent illuminated thoroughfare;
      (2)   At all street intersections and designated pedestrian crosswalks, the minimum illumination shall be not less than 0.25 foot-candle;
      (3)   Roads, parking bays, and pedestrian walkways shall be illuminated at no less than 0.15 foot-candle;
      (4)   If a central park mail box area or park directories, or both, are provided, they shall be illuminated at not less than ten horizontal foot-candles on any box or any entry on the directory; and
      (5)   Outdoor recreational facilities shall be adequately lighted, when in use.
   (J)   Each mobile home space shall be provided with electric services as required under rules promulgated by the Mobile Home Commission.
   (K)   No garbage or other wastes shall be burned within a mobile home park but shall be disposed of either through appropriate disposal services furnished by the proprietor of the park or through mechanical garbage disposal equipment connected to the sewer facilities located within the park.
   (L)   (1)   All water supply and sanitary sewage systems shall be located underground and in such a manner as to prevent freezing during the winter months.  Connections to the same shall be provided at each mobile home space by a frostproof water tap above grade level as to water, and by an approved sanitary connection to a trapped sewer at least four inches in diameter as to sanitary sewers.  All these connections shall be adequate to furnish all normal required water within the mobile home and to receive all normal water from all plumbing facilities therein.
      (2)   The trapped sewer in each space shall be connected to discharge the mobile home waste into a public sewer system, if available, or into a private sewer and disposal plant of a septic tank quality or better and in such a manner as will present no health hazard.
      (3)   An approved type of sewer connection shall be used for each mobile home which shall be odor-tight and free from leakage.
      (4)   Sewer connections on unoccupied sites shall be closed in a proper manner as will prevent the emanation of odor or any unsanitary condition therefrom.
      (5)   All sanitary sewage facilities within the mobile home park, including those of a semi-public nature and those pertaining to individual self-contained trailers, shall be constructed and maintained in compliance with the requirements of M.C.L.A. §§ 125.2301 et seq.
   (M)   No mobile home shall be located within a mobile home park unless the same is a self-contained living unit and is connected to the water and sanitary sewer facilities required at each mobile home site.
   (N)   No animal or car washing or other activities involving quantities of water shall be carried on in any mobile home park unless within an area specifically set aside for the activities containing adequate drainage facilities.
   (O)   No domestic house pets shall be allowed to run at large or commit any nuisance within the limits of a mobile home park.
   (P)   All grass and shrubbery within a mobile home park shall be kept mowed and landscaped in a neat and attractive manner.
   (Q)   Each mobile home park shall be provided with a park office where each mobile home entering the park shall be assigned to a location, and each owner shall be given a copy of the mobile home park regulations and registered according to the prescribed form.
   (R)   No mobile home park shall be developed or operated with less than 25 mobile home sites.
   (S)   All mobile homes shall be securely fastened to the site as required under the rules of the Mobile Home Commission.
   (T)   All mobile homes shall be skirted within 60 days, weather permitting, following their placement within the mobile home park, with standard skirting material or material of equal quality for both aesthetic purposes and to lessen heat loss, and should meet all requirements of Rule 604 being R 125-1605 of the State Mobile Home Commission.
   (U)   No retail sales of mobile homes shall be permitted from a mobile home park except for mobile homes that are located within the park on a developed mobile home site meeting all or the requirements set forth herein.
(1993 Code, § 154.107)  (Ord. 84-1, passed 1-3-1984)