(A)   Definition.
      (1)   For the purpose of this section, the term FREESTANDING WOOD BURNING FURNACE shall mean any device or structure that:
         (a)   Is designed, intended, or used to provide heat and/or hot water to any residence or other structure;
         (b)   Operates by burning wood or other solid fuel; and
         (c)   Is not located within a residential structure.
      (2)   Excluded from the definition of a FREESTANDING WOOD BURNING FURNACE is any device which is not designed or used to heat a structure other than the structure in which it is located.
   (B)   Prohibition.  It shall be unlawful to install or operate a freestanding wood burning furnace, and to cause or permit the installation or operation of a freestanding wood burning furnace, within the city.
   (C)   Declaration of nuisance. Any freestanding wood burning furnace installed or operated in violation of this section is hereby declared a nuisance per se.
   (D)   Effective date.  The effective date of this section is May 30, 2006.
(Ord. 06-03, passed 5-15-2006)  Penalty, see § 92.99