(A)   (1)   The section of the city surrounding the Public Square and extending from said Square one block on S. Court Street and extending from said Public Square on E. Main Street to, and including, the L&N Depot and the territory embraced therein and including the entire block abutting said N. Court Street, W. Main Street, and S. Court Street and E. Main Street to First Street, but including only the property immediately abutting E. Main Street from said First Street eastward to and including L&N Depot, shall be and is hereby set aside and declared to be in one fire zone and shall be treated as such.
      (2)   No business building, buildings, or structures shall be built or erected or constructed within the said fire zone or area specified in this division (A), except and unless its walls and sides be built or constructed of brick, concrete, iron, steel, or some other inflammable substance and said building, they shall be covered with tin, metal, or slate, or some other inflammable substance.
      (3)   Before erecting any building within said area, the owner of said property or the person, persons, or corporation erecting said building shall file with the City Council a petition for a permit, together with plans and specifications for said building and obtain from said Council a permit to erect said building or structure.
   (B)   (1)   The following areas are declared to be a fire zone within the city and no person, firm, partnership, corporation, or association of individuals shall erect or cause to be erected any building within said area without first applying to Commission for a permit therefor and said permit shall be granted or refused by the City Council in its reasonable discretion.
      (2)   The streets involved and hereby declared to be in said zone and including the entire block adjacent to said street on each side thereof, are as follows:
         (a)   E. Main Street from the Public Square to the city limits;
         (b)   W. Main Street from the Public Square its entire distance to its intersection with the Gallatin Road or U. S. 31-E;
         (c)   N. Court Street from the Public Square to the city limits; and
         (d)   S. Court Street from the Public Square to Commission limits and including the Gallatin Road or U.S. 31-E from its intersection with S. Court Street near Four Way Motor Company to the city limits.
   (C)   No person, firm, partnership, corporation, or association of individuals shall hereafter erect any building of any kind, whether residential or business, without first filing application with the city for a permit to erect or have erected any such building and furnish to said city written specifications as to the kind and character of building to be erected. The City Council shall approve or disapprove all such applications in its reasonable discretion, and may require modification of plans and specifications as to materials to be used for the purpose of making any such buildings as nearly fire-proof as possible and consistent with approved standards in the building industry or as required by the Commonwealth Fire Marshal’s office.
(Ord. 44, passed 7-7-1928; Ord. 55, passed 4-3-1930; Ord. 298, passed - -)  Penalty, see § 150.99