17-2-1   Railroad crossings; maintenance; railroad company; duty
   17-2-2   Same; repair; City Council may order; compliance; special measures
   17-2-3   Same; violations; classification
   17-2-4   Crossing lights; City Council may require; operation
   17-2-5   Automatic lights and signals; flagpersons; City Council may require; operation
   17-2-6   Bells; whistles; required; operation
   17-2-7   Depot platforms; lighting; City Council may require
   17-2-8   Obstructing streets; trains; prohibited; exceptions
   17-2-9   Tracks; loitering about; trains; jumping on and off; prohibited; exceptions
   17-2-10   Depot platforms; riding and driving on; prohibited; exceptions
   17-2-11   Violations; penalty
Statutory reference:
   City regulation of railroads, see Neb. RS 16-211 and 16-212