(a) Statutory Authorization, Findings of Fact, and Purposes
   25-19-1   Statutory authorization
   25-19-2   Findings of fact; flood losses resulting from periodic inundation
   25-19-3   Findings of fact; general causes of the flood losses
   25-19-4   Findings of fact; methods used to analyze flood hazards
   25-19-5   Statement of purpose
(b) General Provisions
   25-19-6   Flood insurance rate map and zones; established
   25-19-7   Flood boundary and floodway map and zones; established
   25-19-8   Lands to which article applies
   25-19-9   The enforcement officer
   25-19-10   Rules for interpretation of district boundaries
   25-19-11   Compliance
   25-19-12   Abrogation and greater restrictions
   25-19-13   Interpretation
   25-19-14   Warning and disclaimer of liability
   25-19-15   Severability
   25-19-16   Appeal
(c) Development Permit
   25-19-17   Permit required
   25-19-18   Administration
   25-19-19   Application for permit
(d) Establishment of Districts
   25-19-20   Districts; established
(e) Standards for Floodplain Development
   25-19-21   Development; not allowed without compliance with this article
   25-19-22   Base flood inundation
   25-19-23   Development; condition for allowance
   25-19-24   Development; additional conditions
   25-19-25   Storage of material and equipment
   25-19-26   Development; assurances required
(f) Flood Fringe Overlay District (Including AO and AH Districts)
   25-19-27   Permitted uses
   25-19-28   Standards for the Flood Fringe Overlay District
   25-19-29   Standards for Flood Fringe Overlay District; manufactured homes
   25-19-30   Standards for Flood Fringe Overlay District; recreational vehicles
   25-19-31   AO District; provisions applicable
(g) Floodway Overlay District
   25-19-32   Permitted uses
   25-19-33   Encroachments; prohibited without certification
(h) Variance Procedures
   25-19-34   Variance requests; Board of Adjustment to hear
   25-19-35   Variance requests; appeal from decision of Board of Adjustment
   25-19-36   Variance requests; factors to be considered
(I) Conditions for Variances
   25-19-37   Variances; general conditions
   25-19-38   Variances; historic structures
   25-19-39   Variances; when not allowed
   25-19-40   Variances; condition for allowance
   25-19-41   Variances; further conditions for allowance
   25-19-42   Variances; written notice to successful applicant
(j) Nonconforming Use
   25-19-43   Nonconforming use; conditions for continuance
   25-19-44   Nonconforming use; destruction
(k) Penalties for Violation
   25-19-45   Penalties
(l) Definitions
   25-19-46   Definitions
   25-19-47   Appeal
   25-19-48   Area of shallow flooding
   25-19-49   Base flood
   25-19-50   Basement
   25-19-51   Development
   25-19-51.1   Expansion to an existing manufactured home park or subdivision
   25-19-52   Existing construction
   25-19-53   Existing manufactured home park of subdivision
   25-19-54   Flood or flooding
   25-19-55   Flood fringe
   25-19-56   Flood insurance rate map (FIRM)
   25-19-57   Flood insurance study
   25-19-58   Floodplain
   25-19-59   Floodway or regulatory floodway
   25-19-60   Freeboard
   25-19-61   Highest adjacent grade
   25-19-62   Historic structure
   25-19-63   Lowest floor
   25-19-64   Manufactured home
   25-19-65   Manufactured park or subdivision
   25-19-66   New construction
   25-19-66.1   New manufactured home park or subdivision
   25-19-67   Overlay district
   25-19-68   Principally above ground
   25-19-69   Recreational vehicle
   25-19-70   Special flood hazard area
   25-19-71   Start of construction
   25-19-72   Structure
   25-19-73   Substantial damage
   25-19-74   Substantial improvement
   25-19-75   Variance
   25-19-76   Floodway overlay districts; subdivision proposals
   25-19-77   Violation