§ 25-4-5 SCREEN FENCE.
   (A)   Where a lot or tract of land in a business, commercial, or industrial zone adjoins a lot or tract of land in a residence zone, the occupant of the business, commercial, or industrial lot or tract of land shall construct and maintain thereon adjacent to the common boundary line a suitable screen fence not less than 72 inches high which the Development Services Director determines will not be detrimental to the adjoining property.
      (1)   Children’s areas. A security fence may be constructed in any zone within a side or rear yard or a playground of a public or private school, nursery, or day care facility, or a public park or playground. Such a fence shall be of an open design having a ratio of open portion to solid portion of not less than six to one (6:1) and shall not exceed eight feet in height.
      (2)   Tennis courts; game areas. A fence may be constructed in any zone to enclose tennis courts and public game areas and a game area within a rear yard of a residential lot or tract of land.
   (B)   Such a fence shall be constructed of wire mesh which will admit not less than 90% of light as measured by a light meter.
(Ord. 3639, passed - -2000)