(A)   Private Stormwater Treatment Facilities (STFs) must be inspected annually and maintained in perpetuity by the current property owner who is solely responsible for the cost of inspections, maintenance, and repairs of the STF.
   (B)   The owner shall maintain a written STF maintenance procedure and record of all STF inspections, maintenance, disposal, and repairs. Records shall be made available to the city on demand and include the date and time of the event and description of inspection, maintenance, or repair conducted. All records shall be signed by the authorized owner or operator or a representative of the owner or operator, and kept on file for three years from the date of the activity.
   (C)   Privately-owned STFs may be inspected by the city as often as deemed necessary to assure compliance with this article. Such inspections may be unannounced. The city may review the STF records on inspection, maintenance, disposal activities, and may order the facility to make changes or repairs as necessary to comply with this article.
      (1)   Inspections will not be limited to STFs but shall include all structures, equipment, or facility operations that may result in significant quantities of stormwater pollutants or water volume. Other pertinent data and documentation will be subject to verification at the time of inspection.
      (2)   The city may sample and analyze stormwater runoff from STFs at any time to determine compliance with all provisions of the municipal code.
      (3)   The city may determine the adequacy of the STF based on review of all pertinent information regarding STF performance and facility operations and may, at its discretion, order the installation of a more effective STF.
   (D)   Enforcement of the article shall be governed by the provisions of §§ 24-2-17 through 24-2-23. of this chapter
(Ord. 4225, passed 3-5-2018)