The Post Construction Stormwater Management Plan (PCSMP) submittal will include the following components.
   (A)   Plans.
      (1)   Plans showing topographic survey information along with proposed grading, stormwater infrastructure (including routes to municipal STFs), pavement, and structures shall accompany any PCSMP submittal. Specifically, plans shall include the following information:
         (a)   Site topography, including existing contours, property lines and easements, utilities, and site features, such as existing water bodies, trees and shrubs, pavement, and other structures;
         (b)   Proposed contours;
         (c)   Proposed inlets, storm sewer, culverts, and drainageways;
         (d)   Proposed routes to municipal-owned STFs and/or detention facilities; and
         (e)   Proposed roadways, parking, building footprints, and other structures.
      (2)   Final plans shall be representative of the intended construction bid package.
   (B)   Calculations.
      (1)   All calculations for water quality volume and water quality volume discharge rate shall be
submitted to the city as part of the site development drainage study.
      (2)   As-built certification within 90 days of project completion.
(Ord. 4225, passed 3-5-2018)