(A)   Platting.
      (1)   For major subdivision applications, drainage and post-construction shall be discussed at the pre-application conference. This would be followed by an initial review of the general design at the preliminary platting stage and detailed design carrying over into final design review.
      (2)   The plat applicant shall identify in the drainage report:
         (a)   The estimated amount of impervious surface;
         (b)   The estimated amount of runoff to be mitigated off site at regional facilities (regional STFs) or addressed by other means approved by the city; and
         (c)   How the runoff will be routed to the city’s retention facilities or managed on site.
   (B)   Building permits. When seeking a building permit, the applicant will need to provide to the city the square footage of all impervious surfaces to be constructed on the lot.
(Ord. 4225, passed 3-5-2018)