(A)   Permanent BMP or STFs design, installation, implementation, and maintenance must consider infiltration, evapo-transpiration, harvesting, and/or using stormwater discharges to provide water quality measures to runoff. Discharge standards must consider site discharge volume, rate, duration, and frequency to protect and maintain pre-development hydrology to the maximum extent practicable.
   (B)   The most recent versions of the following design guides and manuals are approved for general use in the design of STFs:
      (1)   City of Omaha, “Omaha Regional Stormwater Design Manual – Chapter 8: Stormwater Best Management Practices”;
      (2)   City of Lincoln, “Drainage Criteria Manual - Chapter 8: Stormwater Best Management Practices”;
      (3)   NDOR, “Drainage and Erosion Control Manual – Chapter 3: Stormwater Treatment within MS4 Communities”; and
      (4)   Urban Drainage and Flood Control District (UDFCD), “Urban Storm Drainage Criteria Manual, Volume 3: Best Management Practices”.
   (C)   The designer is encouraged to adopt one design guide/manual for use on a project to the extent practicable.
(Ord. 4225, passed 3-5-2018)