9-1-1: Definitions
9-1-2: International Building Code Incorporated
9-1-3: Additional Provisions
9-1-4: Building Official; Powers; Duties
9-1-5: Building Inspector; Appointment
9-1-6: Building Inspector; Duties
9-1-7: Building Inspector; Powers
9-1-8: Building Inspector; Right Of Entry
9-1-9: Clarification; Modification
9-1-10: Building Permit Required; Application; Approval
9-1-11: Building Permit; Application Information Required
9-1-12: Building Permit; Plans And Specifications
9-1-13: Building Permit; Fees
9-1-14: Building Permit; Posting
9-1-15: Certificate Of Approval
9-1-16: Inspections Of Building; Layout Of Building; Foundations And Footings; Notice To Inspector
9-1-17: Request For Inspection
9-1-18: Builder Or Building Contractor Defined
9-1-19: Builder’s Or Building Contractor’s License Required; Building Permits; Unlawful Acts
9-1-20: Builder’s Or Building Contractor’s License; Application; Granting
9-1-21: Builder’s Or Building Contractor’s License; License Fees; Conditions; Renewal; Unlawful Acts
9-1-22: Insurance
9-1-23: License Suspension; Revocation; Appeal; Unlawful Acts
9-1-24: Work By Property Owners
9-1-25: Liability
9-1-26: Severability
9-1-27: Demolition Of Structure; Permit Required
9-1-28: Demolition Of Structure; Application For Permit
9-1-29: Demolition Of Structure; Insurance Required
9-1-30: Demolition Of Structure; Fee
9-1-31: Demolition Of Structure; Duties Of Building Official
9-1-32: Moving Structure; Permit Required
9-1-33: Moving Structure; Application For Permit
9-1-34: Moving Structure; Bond, Insurance Required
9-1-35: Moving Structure; Fee
9-1-36: Route; Duties Of Building Official
9-1-37: Notice To Owners
9-1-38: Duty Of Owners
9-1-39: Interfering With Poles; Wires
9-1-40: Display Of Lanterns
9-1-41: Penalty