It shall be unlawful for any person within the city to willfully interrupt or disturb on any day of the week any assembly of people met for the worship of God within the place of the meeting or out of it, or to make or excite any disturbance or contention in any tavern, dance hall, beer garden, store or grocery, manufacturing establishment or any other business place or in any street, lane, alley, highway, public building, ground or park or at any election or other public meeting in the city where any persons are peaceably and lawfully assembled.
(Ord. passed 5-24-2004)  Penalty, see § 10.99
Statutory reference:
   Disturbance of religious worship, see M.C.L.A. §§ 750.169 and 752.525
   Disturbing public places, see M.C.L.A. § 750.170