§ 97.03  TREE BOARD.
   (A)   Purpose. A Tree Board is hereby established for the purpose of regulating the planting, protection, preservation, and removal of trees within the public rights-of-way, and for the purpose of considering appeals from denials of tree removal permit applications and to undertake other responsibilities specified in this chapter.
   (B)   Membership. The Tree Board shall consist of the Mayor of the city or the Mayor’s designee; the Chair of the Planning Commission or the Chair’s designee; and the Chair of the Historic District Commission or the Chair’s designee.  The members of the Tree Board may be assisted in their official responsibilities by staff members of the city, including the City Manager, the Superintendent of the Public Works Department and a licensed arborist appointed by the City Council or other appropriate city staff members.
   (C)   Meetings. Meetings shall be held at least once quarterly at the discretion of the Committee Chair, with the first meeting held the first full week of January. Meetings shall be subject to the Open Meetings Act.
   (D)   Duties. To review the policies and suggest changes to City Council or to Planning Commission, to develop a list of acceptable trees, and to develop rules and guidelines for administrative approvals.
(Ord. 060123-1, passed - -; Am. Ord. 081222-1, passed 12-22-2008)