The following acts, activities, displays, conditions, apparatus and structures are hereby declared to be public nuisances:
   (A)   The maintenance of any pond, pool of water or vessel holding stagnant water;
   (B)   The pollution of any stream, lake or body of water by depositing or permitting to be deposited any refuse, foul or nauseous liquid or water, creamery or industrial waste, or forcing or discharging into any public or private sewer or drain any steam, vapor or gas;
   (C)   Any vehicle used for any immoral or illegal purpose;
   (D)   All indecent or obscene pictures, books, pamphlets, magazines and newspapers;
   (E)   Betting, bookmaking and all apparatus used in such occupations;
   (F)   All illegal gambling devices;
   (G)   All houses kept for the purpose of prostitution or promiscuous sexual intercourse, gambling houses, houses of ill fame and bawdy houses;
   (H)   The distribution of samples of medicines or drugs unless the samples are placed in the hands of an adult person;
   (I)   All explosives, inflammable liquids and other dangerous substances stored in any manner or in any amount contrary to the provisions of this code or state law;
   (J)   Any use of the public streets or sidewalks which causes large crowds to gather, obstructing the free use of the streets or sidewalks;
   (K)   All buildings, walls and other structures which have been damaged by fire, decay or otherwise and all excavations remaining unfilled or uncovered for a period of 90 days or longer, and which are so situated so as to endanger the safety of the public;
   (L)   All dangerous, unguarded excavations or machinery in any public place, or so situated, left or operated on private property as to attract the public;
   (M)   The owning, driving or moving upon any public streets and alleys of trucks or other motor vehicles which are constructed and loaded so as to permit any part of their load or contents to blow, fall, or be deposited upon any street, alley, sidewalk or other public or private place, or which deposits from its wheels, tires or other parts onto the street, alley, sidewalk or other public or private place dirt, grease, sticky substances or foreign matter of any kind; provided, however, that under circumstances determined by the City Manager to be in the public interest, he or she may grant persons temporary exemption from the provisions of this division (M) conditioned upon cleaning and correcting the violating condition at least once daily and execution of an agreement by such person to reimburse the city for any extraordinary maintenance expenses incurred by the city in connection with the violation; and
   (N)   The placing or causing to be placed in or on any motor vehicle parked upon any street, alley or other public place within the corporate limits of the city any paper, posters, signs, cards or other advertising matter.
Penalty, see § 94.99