(A)   The owner of a watercraft shall be liable for any injury occasioned by the negligent operation of the watercraft, whether the negligence consists of a violation of the provisions of this code, or in the failure to observe such ordinary care in the operation as the rules of the common law required.
   (B)   The owner of any watercraft operated upon any waterway of this city shall be personally responsible for any damage to life or property resulting from a wake or swell created by the negligent operation or propulsion of the watercraft.
   (C)   Under this section, the owner shall not be liable unless the watercraft is being used with his or her express or implied consent, but it shall be presumed that the watercraft is being operated with the knowledge and consent of the owner if it is driven at the time of the injury by his or her son, daughter, spouse, father, mother, brother, sister or other immediate family member of the owner’s family.
Statutory reference:
   Similar law, see M.C.L.A. §§ 324.80157 and 324.80158