For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   IHRA.  The Industrial Hemp Research Act, 2014 PA 547, M.C.L.A. § 286.841 et seq.
   MARIHUANA ESTABLISHMENT.  Shall be as defined in MRTMA.
   MARIHUANA FACILITY.  Shall be as defined in MMFLA.
   MMFLA.  The Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act, 2016 PA 281, as amended.
   MMMA.  The Michigan Medical Marihuana Act, 2008 IL 1, as amended.
   MRTMA.  The Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act, 2018 IL 1, as amended.
(Ord. 181226-1, passed 12-26-2018)