General Provisions
   110.01   Definitions
   110.02   Purpose
   110.03   Exemptions
   110.04   When taxes payable
   110.05   Appeals
   110.06   Enforcement by License Collector
   110.07   License a debt
   110.08   Suit to recover delinquent taxes
   110.09   Examination of places of business
   110.10   Examination of licenses; refusal to exhibit
   110.11   Compromise of claims
   110.12   Remedies cumulative; conviction not to bar civil collection
   110.13   Failure to pay
License Requirements
   110.25   Application and issuance of license; contents
   110.26   Council permission prerequisite to licensing of certain businesses
   110.27   Licensing of new businesses
   110.28   Information required for renewal of licenses
   110.29   Statements of applicants not conclusive; inspection
   110.30   Information confidential
   110.31   Determination of tax if statement not filed
   110.32   Extension of time for filing
   110.33   Duplicate for lost license
   110.34   Posting or carrying
   110.35   Transferability
   110.36   Refund of taxes paid
   110.45   Required by law
   110.46   Charitable organizations; disabled veterans
   110.47   Farmers or horticulturists
   110.48   Claim for exemption
   110.49   Issuance of license without payment of tax
   110.50   Revocation of license
   110.60   Requirement of license
   110.61   Separate license required for each branch establishment; exceptions
   110.62   Tax based on gross receipts
   110.63   Apportionment of tax
   110.64   Flat tax on certain businesses
   110.65   Tax based on income housing units
   110.66   Tax based on seating capacity
   110.67   Suspension or revocation of license; reinstatement
   110.99   Penalty
   Adult entertainment establishments, see §§ 156.780 et seq.Taxation, see Ch. 37
Statutory reference:
   Authority to license businesses, see Cal. Gov't Code § 37101 and Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code §§ 16000 et seq.
   State exemptions from business licensing, including certain non-profit organizations and certain professions, see Cal. Gov't Code § 37101 and Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code §§ 16000 et seq.