(A)   All electrical distribution lines of 16,000 volts or less, telephone, C.A.T.V. and similar service wires or cables which provide direct service to the property being developed shall be installed under-ground. Risers on poles and buildings are permitted and shall be provided by the developer or owner onto the pole which provides service to such property. The developer or owner is responsible for complying with the requirements of this section and he shall make the necessary arrangements with the utility companies for installation of such facilities.
   (B)   The following exceptions shall apply:
      (1)   A utility pole may be placed on the rear of such property for the sole purpose of terminating underground facilities providing it is not practical or economically feasible to carry such underground lines to an existing utility pole.
      (2)   Temporary utilities along with the necessary service poles, wires and cables may be permitted for the period during which authorized construction is continuing for which valid building permits have been issued or for temporary uses which comply with requirements of the zoning ordinance, building code and other applicable regulations.
      (3)   Appurtenances and associated equip-ment including, but not limited to, surface-mounted transformers, pedestal-mounted terminal boxes and meter cabinets, and concealed ducts in an under-ground system may be placed aboveground.
('81 Code, § 13.16.190)