Ord. No.    Date   Description
D-167   7-15-07   Vacation of Barney Street from Hayes Avenue to Brown Street.
D-361   12-13-09   Vacation of portion of Perkins Avenue between the T. W. V. & O. R. Co. right-of-way and Tiffin Avenue.
D-378   2-18-10   Vacation of Sycamore Line Street from the intersection with Arthur Street south to  Lake Shore & Mich. R. Co. right-of-way.
D-418   6-20-10   Vacation of the portion of Second Street in Henry Greiner's subdivision of outlot 32, Darling's Survey.
D-433   8-15-10   Vacation of Pearl Street south to Lake Shore & Mich. R. Co. right-of-way, and of an adjacent alley running from Taylor Street to  the same right-of-way.
A-353   12-20-15   Vacation of alley in Greiner's subdivision.
226-C   3-5-17   Vacation of those parts of Cowdery Street, Eleventh Street, Twelfth Street and public alleys located in the R. D. Ransom and W. H. Ransom plat of part of outlot 24, Darling's Survey.
449-C   12-7-18   Vacation of that part of Bates Street lying between Venice Road and Tiffin Road.
515-C   4-8-18   Vacation of part of Second Street, beginning at the intersection of the east line of Lane Street with the north and south lines of lots 69 and 70.
516-C   4-8-18   Vacation of an alley in Greiner's subdivision, running from the intersection of the west line of outlot 32 east to Arthur Street.
542-C   6-24-18   Vacation of portions of Cowdery Street and Second Street.
543-C   6-24-18   Vacation of 2 alleys in outlots 29 and 30 and intersecting Farwell  Street.
1436-C   9-17-23   Vacation of an alley running west of Shelby Street in M. R. Whattle's subdivision of outlots 36, 37, and 38.
2049-C   9-7-26   Vacation of portions of Pennsylvania Avenue and Perkins Avenue.
2371-C   6-4-28   Vacation of Garfield Avenue from east line of Sycamore Street to east end of Garfield Avenue.
2992-C   5-23-32   Vacation of the alley in the Business Men's Assn. subdivision of outlots 27, 28, 29 and 30.
3051-C   10-19-32   Vacation of that part of Huron Street between outlots 29 and 50 of the original Mills subdivision.
3368-C   11-12-35   Vacation of Parker Drive.
3638-C   9-6-38   Vacation of certain portion of McKelvey Street.
3834-C   5-13-40   Vacation of certain portions of Jefferson Street, Bay Shore Drive, and LaSalle Street, all within Lions Park.
3960-C   7-28-41   Vacation of certain portions of the following: Mills Street, Putnam Street, Harrison Street, W. Market Street, Old Water Street, W. Water Street.
4086-C   3-1-43   Vacation of the north 162.04 feet of Marquette Street within Lions Park.
4217-C   5-14-45   Vacation of that portion of Sycamore Line Street south of the south line of Parish Street.
4223-C   6-11-45   Vacation of Clinton Street between Filmore Street, the Nickel Plate  Railroad yards and Frantz Street; of Filmore Street between the alley on the west, the Nickel Plate Railroad yards and Brown Industries.
4308-C   12-16-46   Vacation of the alley running south from Park Boulevard 214 feet east of Lockwood Avenue.
4438-C   3-1-48    Vacation of a portion of Block Alley from a continuation of the southerly line of lot 978, Cleveland Avenue.
4439-C   3-1-48   Vacation of McDonough Street from Filmore to Pierce Street.
4470-C   6-28-48   Vacation of the alley running north and south between Tiffin Avenue and Milne Street.
4583-C   10-17-49   Vacation of Fourth Street from the east line of Ontario Street to the west line of Arthur Street.
4834-C   5-26-52   Vacation of the following alleys:
1. The alley between Clinton and Pearl Streets, between south line of Taylor Street and N. Y. C. right-of-way;
2. An alley running with the north line of N. Y. C. Railroad right-of-way, in G. W. and F. C. Doerzbach subdivision.
4848-C   7-7-52   To narrow Milan Road at Sycamore Lane.
4851-C   7-14-52   Vacation of McPherson Street from Pierce Street to Buchanan Street.
4879-C   11-17-52   Vacation of part of Milan Road right-of-way between the south line of Boal Street and the west line of Sycamore Line.
4976-C   11-2-53   Vacation of Michigan Street from W. Monroe Street south 392 feet.
4990-C   12-28-53   Vacation of the alley extending from the south line of Cleveland Avenue to the south line of sublots 23 and 24.
4991-C   12-28-53   Vacation of Twelfth Street from the east line of Roosevelt Street to the west line of Cowdery Street.
5055-C   6-1-54   Vacation of the 16-foot alley running east from Erie Street south of     Fifth Street in Schmidt's subdivision of part of outlot nineteen in Darling's Survey.
5062-C   7-6-54   Vacate Karl Ann Drive-Stahlwood Drive to Karmer Lane.
5076-C   9-7-54   Vacation of Winnebago Street from W. Monroe Street south to the center line of Tyler Street.
5092-C   11-15-54   Vacation of the west half of Thomas Street between Rockwell Street    and Lake Erie & Wheeling Railroad right-of-way.
5104-C   1-31-55   Vacation of a certain portion of the northwesterly intersection of Shelby and Water Streets.
5111-C   2-21-55   Vacation of that part  of Tyler Street from  the east line of lots  34 and 35, LaSalle  Street, to the west  line of lot 195,  Marquette Street,  excluding the  intersections of  LaSalle, Winnebago, and Marquette Streets.
5288-C   4-16-56   Vacation of the  following street in W. H. Ransom's subdivision: Cowdery Street, Roosevelt Street, Parish Street, Sixth Street, Seventh Street, Eighth Street,  and of 3 certain alleys therein.
5304-C   5-28-56   Vacation of that part  of Johnson Street from the east line of Putnam Street to the east line of lots 512 and 514, Putnam Street extended.   
5337-C   10-1-56   Vacation of the  following alley: The alley running from Baltimore Street between lots 7 and 13, 8, 11 and 12 of Seitz and Sadler's amended plat and lot 9 of Cable Park subdivision.
5344-C   12-3-56   Vacation of that part  of Sixth Street from the west line of Farwell Street west for 116.5 feet.
5345-C   12-3-56   Vacation of the alley  between First and Second Streets and running from Wildman Street east to Austin Street.
5356-C   12-17-56   Vacation of the following, in the third ward: King Street from lots 145 and 146 thereon south to Sandusky Street:
1. An alley parallel to King and Broadway Streets from line of lot 148, King Street, south to Sandusky Street;
2. An alley parallel to King and Sloane Streets from line of lot 148, King Street, south to Sandusky Street;
3. Sandusky Street from Broadway Street to Sloane Street.
5426-C    5-20-57   Vacation of certain streets and alleys in parts of outlots 26 and 27 in Darling's Survey east of the Sycamore Line and in the Sandusky Businessmen's Association Lockwood Subdivision.
5427-C    5-20-57   Vacation of certain streets and alleys in parts of outlots 26 and 27 in Darling's Survey east of the Sycamore Line and in the Sandusky Businessmen's Association Lockwood Subdivision.
5752-C    11-16-59   Vacation of the portion of the 15-foot alley lying between Pierce and Buchanan Streets and a portion of McPherson Street.
5972-C   11-6-61   Vacation of alley abutting rear lot lines of lots on Parish Street, Cleveland Avenue, and Butler Street.
6018-C   5-7-62   Vacation of alleys in the vicinity of Pierce Street, McDonough Street and right-of-way of Lake Erie and Western Railroad Co.
6243-C   8-17-64   Vacate utility alley located on lot 264, Forty-second Street and running from southeast corner of the lot to Milan Road.
7199-C   7-26-71   Vacation of unnamed street located between lots 812 and 813 River  Avenue.
7275-C   2-7-72   Vacation of alley between Huntington Avenue and Parish Street.
7288-C   3-6-72   Vacation of alley lying between lots 1090 and 1091 Parish Street and lots 1159 and 1160 Huntington Avenue.
7347-C   7-17-72   Vacation of that  portion of West Jefferson Street from Carroll Avenue to Superior Street.
7354-C   8-7-72   Vacation of part of an alley between Church Street and Fremont Avenue, south of Venice Road.
7370-C   10-30-72   Vacation of alley running from Monroe to Madison Street, between    King and Sloan Streets.
7374-C   11-6-72   Vacation of a portion of Superior Street.
7395-C   12-18-72   Vacation of westerly 16 feet of Wayne Street south of Parish Street.
7467-C   6-18-73   Vacation of that portion of a street or public slip in Sandusky  Bay at the foot of Columbus Avenue.
7491-C   8-20-73   Vacation of the Cowdery Street right-of-way.
7524-C   10-9-73   Vacation of the northwest corner of Clay Street and Filmore Street.
7542-C   12-10-73   Vacation of certain portions of Mills and Putnam Streets.
7551-C   12-17-73   Vacation of portions of River Avenue, C Street.
7632-C   5-6-74   Vacation of portions of Perry Street and Water Street.
7745-C   12-16-75   Vacation of a portion of Thomas Street.
7784-C   4-7-75   Vacation  of  a  portion  of  a  street  or  filled  land  in a  public slip in Sandusky Bay at the foot of Perry Street.
7819-C   6-16-75   Vacation of an alley between Sycamore Line and Milan Road.
7843-C   7-28-75   Vacation of a portion of Fulton Street extended or the public slip in Sandusky Bay at the foot of Fulton Street.
7844-C   7-28-75   Vacation of a certain street at the foot of Fulton Street.
7851-C   8-11-75   Vacation of a portion of LaSalle Street at Lions Park.
8283-C   10-16-78   Vacation of a portion of Shelby Street and reserving right-of-way to the City.
8234-C   10-16-78   Vacation of a portion of McDonogh Street and reserving right-of-way to the City.
80-010   2-11-80   Vacation of a portion of a certain street between lots 24 and 26 Pierce Street and McDonough Street right-of-way.
81-041   5-18-81   Vacation of a portion of an alley running parallel with and between Pierce Street on the north and Buchanan Street on the south; vacated McDonough Street on the west and a vacated 20 foot alley on the east.
81-043   5-26-81   Vacation of an alley located south of Pierce Street and east of    Pearl Street.
82-085   11-1-82   Parts of Van Buren and Fulton Sts. (.7012 acres).
83-003   1-10-83   Part of 10-ft. public alley abutting and bounded by Lots 1067, 1068, 1069, 1070, 1071 and 1072 Parish St. and Lots 986, 987, 988, 989, 990 and 991 Butler St.
83-018   3-21-83   Part of 10-ft. alley between Hancock and Boalt Sts. (.038 acres).
83-043   6-20-83   Part of Lane 1, W. from Wilson St. between Tiffin Ave. and Perkins Ave. to a 10-ft. alley running north and south between Wilbert St. and Wilson St.
83-089   11-28-83   Alley located in block formed by Pierce, Shelby and Buchanan Sts. and Central Ave. (6,348 sq. ft.).
83-091   11-28-83   Part of Fulton St.
84-106   12-3-84   Part of Taft Ave. (.413 acres).
85-002   1-14-85   10-ft. alley between "E" and "F" Sts. (.12 acres).
85-026   4-22-85   Alleyway s. of Scott St. between Milan Rd. and Franklin St. (.05 acres).
85-044   6-3-85   Part of an alleyway between Arthur and Lane Sts.
85-051   6-24-85   Part of Monroe St. right of way (.085 acres).
85-067   8-12-85   Part of 14th St. right of way (.277 acres).
85-082   10-15-85   Part of Warren St. Extended and/or the public slip in Sandusky Bay at the foot of Warren St. (2.758 acres).
85-088   10-28-85   Part of Second St. (.326 acres), a 16-ft. alley between Second and Third Sts. (.021 acres) and part of a 16.5-ft. alley off Arthur St. (.011 acres).
85-090   11-18-85   Part of a 23-ft. alley off Venice Rd. (.063 acres).
85-108   12-30-85   Parts of Arthur and Sodler Sts. and interconnecting 10-ft. alleys.
86-029   4-7-86   Follett St. right of way (1.021 acres).
86-094   9-8-86   Part of Cowdery St. between Fourth and Fifth Sts.
86-103   9-29-86   Part of 10-ft. alleyway between Fourth and Fifth Sts.
88-033   3-21-88   Portion of Salem Alley.
92-060   5-26-92   Part of Fulton St. south of John St.; part of Van Buren St. east of Prospect St.
92-063   5-26-92   10-ft. alley southwest of Olds St. between Lane No. 2 and Tiffin Ave.
92-095   8-24-92   Portion of 12-ft. alley south of the property of M. and L. Fogg on Huntington Place.
93-042   4-12-93   Portion of Central Ave. between Pierce St. and Buchanan St.
93-073   5-24-93   Real estate at rear of 2101 Mills St.; authorizes conveyance to E. Zura.
93-088   6-28-93   Portion of right of way of Fourth and Fifth Sts; authorizes sale of same to Cedar Fair, Ltd.
93-102   7-26-93   12-ft. alley between Frantz and Pierce Sts.; authorizes sale of same.
93-186   12-27-93   Portion of 10-ft. Alley #3, beginning at alley between Wilbert and Olds Sts. running northeasterly to Wilbert St.; authorizes sale of same.
94-170   12-27-94   Portion of Alley #6 between Sanford St. and another alley abutting Lots 129 and 131 of Sandusky Business Men's Assoc. Plat #6.
95-177   10-23-95   10-ft. alley right of way between J. Maldonado/J. Brushaber property between 645 and 705 W. Osborne St.
96-189   10-28-96   Portion of alley running south from Cleveland Rd. (Ninth St.) to Cleveland Ave., between Cowdery and Farwell Sts. (except north 50 ft. near Cleveland Rd.).
97-244   11-24-97   Seventh St.  r-o-w, west of Farwell, between Lots 831 and 832.
98-080   1-12-98   McDonough St.  r-o-w, a distance of 117.14 ft.  north of Grant St.
98-162   7-13-98   Porter St.  r-o-w, 403 ft.  between Decatur and Fulton Sts.  to abutting property owners.
98-198   8-10-98   Broadway St.  r-o-w, N of W.  Madison St., to abutting property owners.
98-227   9-28-98   Water St.  r-o-w (68.64 ft.), N of W.  Madison St.  and E.  of King St., to abutting property owners.
98-241   10-26-98   Alley between Fremont Ave.  and Church St., a distance of 180 ft.  N. of Barrett Rd.  and W.  of Fremont Ave.
99-240   8-23-99   Portion of Fremont Ave.  north on Venice Rd.  and east of Church St.
99-316   12-13-99   Salem Alley, between White Alley and Butler St.  and White Alley from SW corner of Lot 1006 to SW corner of Lot 998.
99-317   12-13-99   Portion of Fulton St., N of Water St.  and S of Shoreline Dr.; Lawrence St., N of Market St.  and S of Water St.; Market Grounds, 41.25 ft.  S of centerline of Market St., E of Fulton St.  and W of Decatur St.
99-318   12-13-99   Portion of River Ave.  and public r-o-w E of 2340 River Ave.  (40 ft./width and 214 ft./length).
00-194   6-12-00   Portion of public r-o-w between Lots 804 and 805 River Ave., extending from River Ave.  to Pipe Creek.
01-232   11-13-01   Vacating a portion of Edgewater Drive, north of Lake Street with the exception of a 20 foot permanent easement granted to the City.
02-095   4-22-02   Vacating a 12' alley located south of Fifth Street and East of Farwell Street, a total area of 0.2474 acres.
03-062   1-27-03   Vacates portion of Taft Ave., north of Cleveland Rd. and east of Farwell St. (0.2671 acres).
03-164   10-27-03   Vacates portion of Pleasant View Alley east of Cement Ave. with 10-ft. frontage on Cement Ave. (0.0267 acres).
04-090   4-12-04   Vacates portion of Venice Heights Blvd. east of Thorpe Drive (0.1859 acres).
04-120   7-19-04   Vacates portion of Cleveland Ave. E of Huntington Ave. and W of Wamajo Dr. (0.5451 acres).
04-121   7-19-04   Vacates portion of Van Buren St. W of Prospect St. (0.11 acre).
04-141   8-23-04   Vacates portion of Harbour Parkway (0.9619 acre).
04-190   12-13-04   Vacates Cooke St. E of Decatur St. and W of Hayes Ave. (0.40 acre).
04-191   12-13-04   Vacates alley S of Cooke St. (0.119 acre).
05-057   1-10-05   Vacates portion of Decatur St. S of Cooke St. and N of 1207 Hayes Ave. (0.5306 acre).
05-097   6-13-05   Vacates portion of Decatur St. N of Shoreline Dr. (2.4253 acres).
05-098   6-13-05   Vacates portion of Jackson St. N of Shoreline Dr. (2.8008 acres).
06-005   1-23-06   Vacates portion of Fulton St. (0.0004 acres) and portion of John St. (0.1175 acre).
06-044   4-10-06   Vacates portion of Decatur St. (0.1795 acre).
06-072   8-14-06   Vacating an alley between Lots 2, 4, 6, and 8 Arthur Street and Lot 54 Caldwell Street.
09-087   10-28-09   Vacating a portion of Fourth Street located west of Farwell Street and adjacent to Lot Numbers 220, 210, 211, 212 and 213 Fourth Street.
09-102   11-23-09   Vacating a portion of Central Avenue (formerly known as Lawrence Street) lying south of Buchanan Street and adjacent to 2025 Hayes Avenue by Providence Care Center.
10-123   11-22-10   Vacating a portion of Arthur Street right-of-way between Wayne Street and Columbus Avenue, within the City, as set forth on the vacation plat.
10-152   12-14-10   Vacating a portion of Warren Street right-of-way, north of Water Street, within the City, as set forth on the vacation plat.
12-065      6-25-12   Vacating a portion of Second Street located east of the Austin Street right-of-way and adjacent to lot numbers 587, 588, 589, 590, 591, 592, 593, 579, 578, 577, 576, 575 and 574 Second Street.
12-082      8-27-12   Vacating a portion of Huron Street located between Venice Road and the main line east-west railroad tracks owned by Norfolk Southern Railway Company with a total area of approximately 0.4109 acres.
12-118      12-10-12   Vacating a portion of Pleasantview Place located west of Bennett Avenue and adjacent to Lot #3 Pleasantview Place with a total area of 0.0295 acres.
13-056      6-24-13   Vacating a portion of an alley located west of Campbell Street between Perkins Avenue and Grant Street and adjacent to Lots #152, #154, #156, #158, #160 and #162 Campbell Street, Lot #1 West Perkins Avenue and Lot #2 Grant Street.
13-110   10-15-13   Donation and transfer of a portion of the city's right-of-way to the State of Ohio
14-025   3-24-14   Vacating a portion of the former Harbor Boulevard right-of-way west of Tiffin Avenue and south of Venice Road and abutting to 1737 Tiffin Avenue with a total area of 0.1390 acre.
15-001    1-12-15   Vacating a portion of an alley located west of Fremont Street and south of Ward Street, within the city, as set forth on the vacation plat.
16-012   2-8-16   Vacating a portion of an alley located west of 515 Sycamore Line and east of 723 Garfield Avenue to David S. Trent.
18-223   11-13-18   Vacating a portion of Farwell Street South of Cleveland Road and North of Cleveland Avenue and located East of Lots 854 - 858 and 860 and West of Lots 861 - 867 and vacating a portion of an alley South of Cleveland Road located East of 1706 Cleveland Road and West of Lots 854 - 855.
19-095   5-28-19   Vacation of alley located north of Cleveland Road between 1625 and 1631 Cleveland Road to Carmelo and Nunzia Ruta.
19-123   7-22-19   Vacation of portion of an alley located north of Cleveland Road between 1643 and 1649 Cleveland Road and between 1649 Cleveland Road and Lots. #118 - 121 on South Larchmont Drive to Carmelo Ruta.
19-139   8-26-19   Vacation of portion of an alley located west of Wildman Street between Lots 400 - 403 on Second Street and Lots #404 - 407 on First Street to RLR Properties, Ltd.
20-193   12-28-20   Vacating a portion of Fourth Street, south of Third Street and north of Fifth Street, and located east of Arthur Street right-of-way, within the city, as set forth on the vacation plat.
20-194   12-28-20   Vacating a portion of alley located south of 1404-1424 Third Street, within the city, as set forth on the vacation plat.