Ord. No.   Date   Description
E-148   1-6-13   Appropriation of property for purposes of diverting and changing location of S. Depot Street west of the Hayes Avenue intersection.
E-149   1-6-13    Appropriation of property for purposes of diverting and changing location of N. Depot Street both east and west of Hayes Avenue intersection.
E-151   2-3-13   Part of lot 181, Cooke's subdivision, for changing S. Depot Street.
E-152   2-3-13   Parts of lots 59, 61, 63, and 65, Cooke's subdivision, for changing N. Depot Street.
A-257   4-12-15   To extend and open Ninth Street from its present terminus east to the City line, across part of lots three and four, Darling's Survey, east of Sycamore Line, second ward.
6276-C   11-9-64   Appropriation of property for landfill purposes.
7376-C   11-20-72   Acquisition of property to provide facilities for off-street parking.
7413-C   2-5-73   Appropriation of parts of lots 40 on Water Street and 2 on Jackson Street to provide off-street parking facilities.
7427-C   3-5-73   Appropriation of  certain real property on Venice Road for a sewage pumping station.
8220-C   5-30-78   Appropriation of property for purposes of off-street parking improvement.
82-104   12-20-82   Appropriates Parcels 101-S, 101-T and 101-T1 for street right of wayimprovement purposes.