(a)   Notwithstanding any other provisions of the Codified Ordinances, which may be applicable to existing or planned uses within a Community Entertainment District, sexually oriented businesses as defined in Section 1141.01 shall be prohibited.
   (b)   The possession and consumption of alcohol shall be prohibited in any City park which is either partially or wholly located within a Community Entertainment District as provided in Section 529.07.
   (c)   Designation of an area as a Community Entertainment District pursuant to Ohio R.C. 4301.80 and this chapter shall not preclude nor prevent the City from enforcing any law, ordinance or resolution relating to public nuisances or violations of public health, safety and welfare within the Community Entertainment District including but not necessarily limited to Chapter 519, Noise Control.
   (d)   Property and facilities within a Community Entertainment District shall be developed, constructed, and maintained at all times in accordance with all applicable federal, state and local laws, ordinances, rules and regulations.
(Ord. 05-090.  Passed 5-9-05.)