As used in this chapter, “Community Entertainment District” means a bounded area that includes or will include a combination of entertainment, retail, educational, sporting, social, cultural or arts establishments within close proximity to some or all of the following types of establishments within the district, or other types of establishments similar to these:
   (a)   Hotels;
   (b)   Restaurants;
   (c)   Retail sales establishments;
   (d)   Enclosed shopping centers;
   (e)   Museums;
   (f)   Performing arts theaters;
   (g)   Motion picture theaters;
   (h)   Night clubs;
   (i)   Convention facilities;
   (j)   Sports facilities;
   (k)   Entertainment facilities or complexes;
   (l)   Any combination of the establishments described in subsections (a) through (k) hereof that provide similar services to the community.
      (Ord. 05-090.  Passed 5-9-05.)