Downtown Design Review Process
1359.01   Establishment of Downtown Design Review Committee.
1359.02   Purpose.
1359.03   Definitions.
1359.04   Downtown Design Review District boundaries.
1359.05   Members; terms; compensation.
1359.06   Organization, rules and design guidelines.
1359.07   Duties of the Review Committee.
1359.08   Limitations on issuance of building permits, sign permits and certificates of zoning compliance.
1359.09   Issuance of certificates of appropriateness.
1359.10   Criteria for evaluating applications for certificates of appropriateness.
1359.11   Limitations on landscaping.
1359.12   Existing sign limitations.
1359.13   Certificate of appropriateness required for new signs.
1359.14   Exclusions.
1359.15   Inspection and order for removal of violation.
1359.16   Appeal from decision of the Review Committee.
1359.99   Penalty.