(a)   If the owner, mortgagee, or other person otherwise interested in the building or structure affected by a condemnation order fails to comply with the order of the Building Official, or the ruling of the Building Code Board of Appeals after hearing, or if an owner, mortgagee, or other interested person, who, after having given notice of his or her intention to initiate the rehabilitation and repair of the condemned building or structure, or having initiated such rehabilitation or repairs, fails to complete the same in compliance with this chapter, and the direction of the Building Official, the Building Official shall cause the building or structure, or the affected part, portion, or attribute of the same to be repaired, or, if the facts indicate that any delay will be dangerous to the public health, safety, or morals, or to the general welfare, to be demolished. Any cash or surety bond previously given shall be forfeit to the extent of the actual cost of the demolition process, and any such costs which remain unpaid shall be charged and assessed as a municipal lien against the premises upon which the building or structure exists or existed, and may recovered at suit in law;
   (b)   In cases in which the Building Official deems that a situation exists which poses a threat of immediate danger to the life or safety of any person unless a dangerous or unfit building or structure, or a portion, part, or appurtenance of the same, as defined herein, is vacated, demolished, repaired, or secured immediately, the Building Official shall cause the immediate vacation, demolition, repair, and/or other corrective measures as to the same as may be necessary. The costs of such emergency measures shall be charged and recovered in the same manner provided in subsection (a) hereof.
(Ord. 95-065. Passed 4-24-95.)