1149.12 APPROVAL.
   (a)   Detailed drawings for site plan review and off-street parking, except for one- and two-family dwellings or loading facilities, shall be submitted for approval by the Commission before an application for a building permit is approved.  Drawings shall show the number of spaces and locations, dimensions and descriptions of all features enumerated in Sections 1149.07 to 1149.11.  The Commission may require structural or landscape features, such as bumper guards, curbs, walls, fences, shrubs, ground cover or hedges, to further the purposes of this Zoning Code.
   (b)   As a condition to the approval of the plans and drawings referred to in subsection (a) above, the Commission may require drawings showing plan, elevation and cross-section views for each industrial and commercial building to be erected and for each residential building containing ten or more dwelling units to be erected which are sufficient to display:
(1)   The massing and conceptual design of the proposed building.
(2)   The relationship of the proposed building to adjacent buildings, street and exterior areas to which members of the public have access.
(3)   Off-street vehicular loading and parking facilities, access driveways, including driveways for emergency vehicles and the surfacing of such areas and driveways.  Section 1149.13 shall be used as a guide to parking standards.
(4)   Grading or alteration in elevation or contour of the land and provisions for the disposal of storm, surface and waste water from the land and from any buildings or structures thereon.
(5)   Fire routes designed and provided in accordance with the requirements of the City Fire Department.
(6)   Vaults, central storage and collection areas and other facilities and enclosures for the storage of garbage and other waste material.
(7)   Walls, fences, hedges, trees, shrubs or other ground cover or facilities for the landscaping of the lands or the protection of adjoining lands.
(8)   Easements conveyed for the construction, maintenance or improvement of watercourses, ditches, land drainage works, sanitary sewerage and storm drainage facilities on the land.
(9)   Facilities for the lighting, including floodlighting of the land or of any buildings or structures thereon.
(10)   Walkways, including the surfacing thereof, and all other means of pedestrian access.
   (1980 Code 151.92)