Supplemental Area and Height Regulations
1145.01   Buildings permitted on zoning lot.
1145.02   Required lot area to be maintained.
1145.03   Lots of record of insufficient size.
1145.04   Lots along the waterfront.
1145.05   Lot area for group developments.
1145.06   Dwelling unit area requirements.
1145.07   Required yards to be maintained.
1145.08   Front yards of partially built-up blocks.
1145.09   Side yards, insufficient.
1145.10   Yards on corner lots.
1145.11   Yard regulations; unit development of one- or two-family dwellings.
1145.12   Yard regulations; multifamily dwellings.
1145.13   Yard regulations for irregular lots.
1145.14   Yards for institutions.
1145.15   Yards for accessory buildings.
1145.16   Projections into yards.
1145.17   Landscape features and yard structures.
1145.18   Structures permitted above height limit.
      Area, height and yard requirements - see P. & Z. 1129.13