(a)   The water service turned off at an owner's request or pursuant to Section 939.09 shall not be turned on again until the following conditions have been complied with to the City Manager's satisfaction:
      (1)   An owner requests reconnection of water service;
      (2)   The cause, if any, of the turn-off has been corrected;
      (3)   The total amount of any indebtedness to Customer Accounting occasioned by water service to the premises has been paid or satisfactory payment arrangements have been made; and
      (4)   A turn-on charge of seventy-five dollars ($75.00) has been paid for service which has been shut off pursuant to Section 939.09 or which has been otherwise improperly turned off in violation of established procedures of the City; or
      (5)   A turn-on charge of thirty dollars ($30.00) has been paid for service which has been properly turned off by an authorized employee or agent of the City.
   (b)   Water service to a premise served shall be turned on only by an authorized employee of the Division.
   (c)   The fee provided for in subsection (a) hereof shall be waived if the owner has requested water to be temporarily turned off because of a water leak or other plumbing repairs at the premises.
   (d)   No turn on fee shall be charged for the initial turn on of a new water service occasioned by a new tap setting.
(Ord. 15-020.  Passed 2-9-15.)