(a)    The setting connection charge covers the cost of the required meter set, strainer and meter pit/vault. Once the meter size is equal to or greater than 3”, this charge covers the meter set only.
   (b)   When a water service connection is applied for, except as set forth below, a connection charge shall be made to the applicant according to the following amounts set for in Section 939.03, Fee Schedule “B”. A current version of the rates charged will be on file in the Office of the City Engineer.   
   (c)   When the water service replaces one of a greater size, the charge shall be for actual cost of labor and equipment; but when a replacement service is a larger size, the connection charge for the replacement service shall be as for a new service but reduced by the amount of the connection charge of a new service of the same size as the service replaced. 
(Ord.  20-196.  Passed 12-28-20.)