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§ 11.0204 Code Violations Generally.
   (a)   Declaration of Public Nuisance. Each and every violation of the County Code is hereby declared unlawful and a public nuisance.
   (b)   Acts Including Causing, Aiding and Abetting. Whenever in the County Code any act or omission is made unlawful, it shall include causing, permitting, aiding or abetting such act or omission.
   (c)   Cumulative and Discretionary. All remedies and penalties provided for in the County Code shall be cumulative and discretionary and not exclusive of other applicable provisions of the County Code or other applicable State or Federal law.
   (d)   Continuing Violations. Each and every day, and any portion of which, any violation of the County Code is committed, continued, or permitted, shall be deemed a new and separate offense and shall be punishable or actionable as set forth in this Chapter.
   (e)   Correction of Nuisance.
      (1)   The conviction and punishment (whether by fine, imprisonment, or both) of any person hereunder pursuant to a criminal action, or the imposition of a monetary administrative penalty pursuant to an administrative citation (as defined in § 11.0208), shall not relieve such person from the responsibility of correcting, removing, or abating the violation; nor prevent the enforced correction, removal, or abatement thereof by the County, its employees, agents, or representatives.
      (2)   The correction, removal, or abatement of a violation begun after the issuance of a criminal citation or the filing of a criminal complaint shall not be a defense to the infraction or misdemeanor so charged and, following a conviction or plea of nolo contendere shall not be grounds for dismissal of the action or for the waiver, stay, or reduction, of any fine established in this Chapter.
      (3)   The procedures established in this Chapter for the use of administrative citations, administrative abatement and summary abatement, and the procedures established in other titles and chapters of the County Code for administrative abatement and summary abatement as a means for addressing violations of the County Code, shall be in addition to criminal and civil or other legal or equitable remedies established by law which may be pursued to address violations of the County Code. The use of this Chapter shall be at the sole discretion of the County. In the exercise of such discretion in selecting an appropriate code enforcement remedy, the County shall not be required to institute available code enforcement remedies in any particular order, or to prefer the application of one remedy to another.
   (f)   Joint and Several Liability. Where the violations arise from the joint actions of multiple responsible parties rather than the action of several responsible parties acting independently of one another, then the liability for administrative citations and/or abatement costs shall be joint and several.
(Ord. 4424, passed - -2021)