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§ 71.0207   Categories of Aircraft Use.
   (a)   Private.
      (1)   PRIVATELY OWNED AND OPERATED AIRCRAFT will be as defined by appropriate FAA regulations.
      (2)   Company and corporation-owned aircraft that are operated for the free transportation of personnel and/or products are classified as private aircraft and subject to the same restrictions.
      (3)   AIRCRAFT FOR SALE. New or used privately owned aircraft held for sale only. Such aircraft may be demonstrated to prospective purchasers, or, when sold, may be used to instruct the new owner in their operation.
      (4)   Aircraft owned privately, but leased or rented back to a commercial operator, shall be automatically classified as “commercial” as defined in § 71.0207(b).
   (b)   Commercial.
      (1)   Rental, lease, hire or charter aircraft;
      (2)   Aircraft used for commercial purposes and not otherwise covered in this Chapter.
   (c)   Certificated Air Carriers.
      (1)   Contract. All Federally- or California-certificated air carriers holding a contract with the County or CSA for airport usage.
      (2)   Non-contract. All Federally- or California-certificated air carriers not covered in § 71.0207(c)(1) above.
(Am. Ord. 2132, passed - -1977; Am. Ord. 3975, passed - -2006)