(A)   The tentative map application shall be submitted to the Planning Department. The application shall be determined by the department to be complete only when the form and contents of the tentative map conform to the requirements of § 23.07.002 and when all accompanying data and reports, as required by § 23.07.003, all fees and/or deposits as required by § 23.01.007 have been submitted and accepted by the Department, and when all requirements under the California Environmental Quality Act concerning the completeness of applications have been satisfied. The Planning Department shall forward copies of the tentative map to the affected public agencies and utilities which may, in turn, forward to the department their findings and recommendations. Public agencies and utilities shall certify that the subdivision can be adequately served.
   (B)   Within ten days of the submitting of a complete tentative map application, the Planning Department shall send a notice of the submitting of the tentative map application to the governing board of any elementary, high school or unified school district within the boundaries of which the subdivision is proposed to be located. The notice shall contain information about the location of the proposed subdivision, the number of units, density and any other information which would be relevant to the affected school district. The governing board may review the notice and may send a written report to the Planning Commission. The report shall indicate the impact of the proposed subdivision on the affected school district and shall make recommendations as the governing board of the district deems appropriate. The report shall be returned within 20 working days of the date on which the notice was mailed to the school district for comment. In the event that the governing board fails to respond within the 20 working-day period, the failure to respond shall be deemed approval of the proposed subdivision by the school district. The Planning Commission shall consider the report from the school district in approving, conditionally approving, or disapproving the tentative map application.
(1966 Code, § 17-19) (Ord. 617, § 2(part))