The tentative map shall be accompanied by the following data and reports:
   (A)   Street names.
      (1)   A list of proposed street names for any unnamed street or alley for review by the county’s Communications Department. This requirement shall not apply to condominium conversions.
      (2)   Each street to be dedicated which is a continuation of, or approximately the continuation of, any existing dedicated street, shall be shown on the tentative map and shall be given the same name as such existing street. The proposed name of each street shown on the tentative map shall be submitted to the county for approval in accordance with current county street-naming policies prepared by the Communications Department. The approved street name shall be shown on the final or parcel map.
   (B)   Soil report.
      (1)   A preliminary soil report, prepared by a registered civil engineer shall be submitted. The County Engineer shall review the preliminary soil report and may require additional information or reject the report if it is found to be incomplete, inaccurate or unsatisfactory.
      (2)   The requirement of a preliminary soil report may be waived provided that the County Engineer finds that, due to the knowledge the county has as to the soil conditions in the subdivision, no preliminary analysis is necessary. The knowledge would include, but not be limited to, information regarding the nature, distribution and strength of the existing soil, and the necessary grading procedures and design criteria for corrective measures.
      (3)   If the county has knowledge of, or the preliminary soil report indicates the presence of critically expansive soil or other soil problems which, if not corrected, would lead to structural defects, a soil investigation of each lot in the subdivision may be required. The soil investigation shall be done by a registered civil engineer or geotechnical engineer. The county may approve the subdivision, or portion thereof, where these soil problems exist if it determines that the recommended action is likely to prevent structural damage to each structure to be constructed, and as a condition to the issuance of any building permit may require that the approved recommended action be incorporated in the construction of each structure.
   (C)   Title report. A preliminary title report, acceptable to the Planning Department, showing the legal owners at the time of submitting the tentative map shall be submitted.
   (D)   Environmental review. Information shall be submitted as required by the Planning Department to allow an environmental review to be made in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (Cal. Public Resources Code §§ 21000 et seq.). The subdivider shall deposit and pay all fees as may be required for the preparation and processing of environmental review documents.
   (E)   Preliminary engineering calculations. Information shall be submitted as required by the standard engineering specifications, adopted by this title, to demonstrate the adequacy of the design of the proposed improvements. The information shall include design parameters and engineering calculations.
   (F)   Phasing. If the subdivider plans to file multiple final maps on the tentative map, he or she shall submit a written notice on the tentative map to this effect.
   (G)   Geohydrology. If the subdivision proposes to use groundwater as its primary water source, adequate information shall be submitted. Such information shall include the potential impacts on the aquifer under the site as well as measures to conserve the resource.
   (H)   Septic suitability. Subdivisions proposing to use on-site sewage disposal systems shall submit a soil percolation test or soil profile based upon on-site soil testing. The testing and report shall be prepared under the direction of a civil engineer or a registered sanitarian.
   (I)   Slope analysis. Subdivisions sited on property with slopes of 30% or greater shall depict the location of areas with the slopes.
   (J)   Geologic report. The applicant shall submit a geologic report prepared by a registered geologist for subdivisions with special studies zones, potential or existing landslide hazards and/or other potential geologic hazards.
   (K)   Other reports. Any other data or reports deemed necessary by the Planning Department.
   (L)   Legal description. A legal description of the boundaries of the proposed subdivision.
(1966 Code, § 17-18) (Ord. 617, § 2(part))