§ 1.04.006 PAYMENT OF FINE.
   (A)   The fine and any penalty shall be paid to the county within 30 days from the date of the administrative citation, in accordance with the payment instructions printed on the citation form.
   (B)   Any administrative citation fine paid pursuant to § 1.04.006(A) shall be refunded in accordance with § 1.04.011 if it is determined, after a hearing that the person charged in the administrative citation was not responsible for the violation or that there was no violation as charged in the administrative citation.
   (C)   Payment of a fine and any penalty shall not excuse or discharge any continuation or repeated occurrence of the code violation that is the subject of the administrative citation, nor shall it release any person from the responsibility of correcting, removing or abating the violation; nor prevent the enforced correction, removal, or abatement of a violation by the county, its employees, agents, or representatives.
(Ord. 917, § 1(part), 2013)