(A)   A plan and profile shall be shown for all drainage facilities that carry natural drainage that originate upstream of or within the limits of the development.
   (B)   The plan view shall show all pipelines, pipe sizes, flow directions, manhole locations, inlets, channels, culverts, centerlines, stationing and curve data on centerline or as an offset from another construction centerline. Catch basin and connector pipe invert elevations will also be shown on the plan view.
   (C)   The profile shall show pipe length, slope, size and construction material used for each mainline pipe or channel section. Manhole locations, inverts and stationing shall also be shown.
   (D)   Channel profiles will include the channel flowline and existing ground elevation along the channel centerline. Invert elevations will be shown at the grade changes.
   (E)   The hydraulic grade line of the design storm shall be shown on all channel profiles and the 100-year as required by the Engineer for major channels. In closed conduit, the hydraulic grade line shall be shown when it is above the soffit of the pipe.