A.   Notice Of Abatement: The City may take action to have any such nuisance abated. In such instance the notice of nuisance violation set forth in subsection 4-1-4B of this chapter shall include a notice of abatement and such notice shall include a provision that the expense of such abatement if not performed on the property by the owner and/or the responsible party shall be assessed against the real property involved pursuant to Idaho Code sections 50-334 and 50-1008. The notice shall also provide the responsible party and/or owner that they may petition the City Council for hearing on the issue of abatement within five (5) days of the posting/service of the notice.
   B.   Tolling Of Time Period: From the date a petition for hearing is filed until five (5) days after a posthearing decision by the City Council the time limit set forth in section 4-1-4 of this chapter shall be tolled.
   C.   Authority To Employ Labor: The Mayor is hereby given the power and authority to employ such labor as is necessary to carry out the provisions of this chapter. Any bills, costs or expenses incurred by the City (including hourly wages of City employees), shall be assessed to the real property pursuant to Idaho Code sections 50-334 and 50-1008. (Ord. 2018-723, 7-23-2018)