Whenever dwellings, dormitories, apartment houses, lodging houses, hotels and motels and properties and portions thereof are vacant and become open to entry, the owners shall effectively secure the property. If necessary, the city shall order the boarding of the building, per the Building Code of the city. In such an event the owners or agents shall cause the structure(s) to be boarded as directed within the time period designated by the city but not to exceed ten days. Such boarding shall not be permitted to remain during occupation of a dwelling, dormitory, apartment house, lodging house, hotel, or motel, or portion thereof, nor shall it be deemed a permanent solution to any deficiencies or violations, insomuch that if the building(s) or structure(s) is not restored to its original use within 180 days from the date the building or structure is boarded it shall be deemed a nuisance and shall be abated in accordance with the dangerous building regulations.
(Prior Code, § 151.067)  (Ord. D-1911, passed 1-28-2002, effective 2-7-2002)