(A)   Generally. Every dwelling, dormitory, apartment house, lodging house, hotel, or motel and any structure or building located on the same property and used or designed to be used as an accessory to them, shall be designed, constructed, and used in accordance with the provisions of the Building Code of the city. These structures shall be maintained in a safe, sanitary, sound, weather-resistant, and hazard-free condition. Existing structures which were properly designed and constructed in accordance with the applicable laws in effect at the time of their construction may continue, provided such structures are maintained as required above and as required under the terms of the Building Code, comply with § 151.076, and are not dangerous to life, health, safety, or the public welfare.
   (B)   Exception. Windows which were originally designed and installed to open may be rendered inoperable, provided that the requirements of § 151.076(C) are complied with.
(Prior Code, § 151.065)  (Ord. D-1595, passed 7-31-1989, effective 9-1-1989)