§ 151.002  PURPOSE.
   The purpose of this chapter is to provide minimum standards to safeguard health, safety, property, and public welfare of the people of the city by regulating and controlling the use and occupancy, repair, alteration, maintenance, and operation of certain buildings, structures, and lots within the city; to provide for registration of non-owner-occupied residences and unoccupied properties; to determine responsibilities of owners and occupants of residences; and to provide for the administration and enforcement of this chapter and penalties for its violation.
(Prior Code, § 151.002)  (Ord. D-1595, passed 7-31-1989, effective 9-1-1989; Ord. O-209, passed 4-1-2019, effective 4-11-2019; Ord. O-212, passed 8-19-2019, effective 8-29-2019)