A.   In addition to the power to levy a fine as set forth in Section 5-1-10, the Village police department, or someone acting under its direction, shall be entitled to abate the nuisance in question after expiration of the period given for the owner or occupant, or both, of the property containing such nuisance to abate that nuisance. If no additional notice to abate is required to be served, as set forth in Section 5-1-7C above, the Village shall immediately be entitled to abate the nuisance.
   B.   The costs of the removal, towing or storage of the nuisance shall be assessed against the owner(s) or occupant(s) of the property, or both; these costs being in addition to any fines, costs or fees which may be levied by the Court.
   C.   Should the owner(s) or occupant(s), or both, of the property fail to pay the costs incurred by the Village for the abatement of such nuisance within fifteen (15) days after being presented with a statement for such costs, the Village shall be entitled to file a lien against the real estate for such costs. Such lien shall identify the real estate in a reasonably certain manner, the amount of the lien and the owner(s) of the real estate. Further, the costs of any towing, removal or storage for the abatement of any nuisance shall be subject to such other liens on behalf of the persons who actually removed such nuisances thereof as otherwise provided by law. (Ord. 1068, 8-17-2020)